Press Release March 2022

Sohot Returns

with a Neurocentric Approach to Yoga

A Neurocentric brain-based approach to Bikram 26 +2 yoga series.

LONDON, February 2, 2022 - returns with an approach to yoga that gives everyone greater flexibility and an advanced level of motor control to use it.

Your brain’s neurological pathways govern who you are. Changing your neurological pathway governs who you will be. The Sohot Method brings yoga up to date with the latest cutting-edge science of performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. A brain-based approach to yoga will rewire your neurological operating system enabling the body to rapidly adapt to become flexible, strong, agile and stress-free.

Sohot Yoga provides yoga teachers, studio owners and personal trainers with a step-by-step guide to optimise their mindset to yoga and in doing so radically enhance their capacity to maintain loyal clients by quickly providing them with better results.

Bil & Elaine Thwaites are authors and founders of Sohot Yoga - Sohot studios were the only independently run central London yoga studios, and as one newspaper put it, “London’s celebrity hot spot”. In their new book “Yoga: The Sohot Way - The secrets to a healthy body your yoga teacher isn’t telling you”, Bill & Elaine unshackle the standard mindset that underpins all the various styles of yoga and created a more neurocentric approach that brings unimaginable power to yoga, cultivating neuromuscular adaptations associated with dynamic, flexible, pain-free movement, rapidly repairing musculoskeletal damage, breaking the cycle of pain & suffering that comes from an injury, stress and tension in the body. Their book embodies a new neurocentric era of physical yoga that all yoga teachers and trainers should have knowledge of.

Today Sohot Yoga runs online classes, performance workshops, teacher training programs, attracting students, teachers and fitness professionals from all over the world, with breathtaking results.

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