Sohot Yoga

Bill Thwaites

Senior Bikram Yoga Teacher | Author | Founder Sohot Yoga

Bill Thwaites helps students and teachers explore the outer limits of what is possible

by stepping outside the box

 As the founder of London’s highly successful group of Sohot Yoga studios, Bill has extensive experience training thousands of students and yoga teachers from all over the world.


Bill has personally coached the likes of Lady Gaga, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell, Olivia Williams, Toby Jones, Maxine Peake, Gemma Arterton and Robert Downey Jr. 


Bill Thwaites is the author of the upcoming book ("Yoga: The Sohot Way - The Secrets to a Healthy Body Your Yoga Teacher Isn't Telling You") in which he details the science and experience behind why he changed the way he practises and teaches yoga, creating the Sohot Method. 

"There is too much smoke & mirrors in the world of yoga that makes it more complicated than it really is.   If you correctly target your effort yoga is straightforward, even if you have a physical wreck of a body." - Bill Thwaites


When it comes to sports injuries, stress, tension, back pain, joint pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, meniscal tears, and sciatica, no one is more knowledgeable and experienced at solving such issues than Bill Thwaites

By getting students to remove the standard construct of getting the body to stretch into postures and instead use the postures as a framework to expand the body open, unlocking the joints, Bill has proven students instantly eliminate their back pain or joint pain, restoring mobility and gain superior level coordination, balance and awareness.  Over the years Bill has refined and perfected his approach to Bikram yoga which he calls Sohot Method.

 Check out Bill's Coaching programs and you'll be able to glean all of Bill's experience helping a diverse range of students reconstruct their bodies from a sports injury or simply the slings and arrows of life.