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Fully Accredited and Certified

Bikram Style
Teacher Training Program


Aim of the Course

This is a comprehensive teacher training programme, specifically designed to produce the next generation of high calibre yoga teachers, with the capacity to teach and retain a wider range of students of all ages and abilities. 


Everyone will walk away from this course as a fully accredited and certified yoga teacher with many significant advantages.


You will be able to teach a Bikram style yoga class and/or teach your own bespoke routine and/or know how best to integrate yoga into a sports performance routine.


As a yoga teacher, you are going to meet a mountain of physical and emotional issues which most teacher training programs do not prepare you for.  You will walk away from this training programme enjoying a superior level of knowledge gained from the cutting-edge science of human performance.


Online Program

Spread over ten intensive weekends
two weekday evening classes

Creating the next generation of yoga teachers enjoying a superior level of knowledge gained from the cutting-edge science of human performance.

Created by senior Bikram yoga teachers
Bill & Elaine Thwaites


The teaching methodology of this course is heavily focused on how to guide students through the Bikram sequence of 26 yoga postures in such a way the students are able to tap into their inner core strength restoring and maintaining mobility while building awareness and clarity of mind.  

This fully accredited teacher training program looks at yoga through the eyes of modern-day science and the rapid advancements in the field of longevity, performance, injury avoidance and recovery.

The cutting edge science of peak performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation has completely altered our understanding of how best to restore, and enhance the performance of, the mind and body.

Today, we know far more about the neurological processes required to transform the life of someone who is stressed out; with a stiff inflexible arthritic body and chronic back pain.

This is an in-depth practical teaching course led solely by one of the UK’s most senior and highly acclaimed hot yoga teachers, Bill Thwaites who personally has taught the likes of Lady Gaga, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell and Robert Downey Jr.   As the former founder of London’s highly successful group of Sohot yoga studios, Bill has extensive experience training and mentoring teachers from all over the world.




Through one-on-one appraisals sessions, trainees are continuously monitored and assessed throughout the course by Bill himself.  When required trainees will be given additional support to keep them on track and if appropriate will be encouraged to pass at a later date.



SoHot 26 Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher Certificate and Insurance
An intensive program, spread over 10 weekends, plus 2-weekday evening classes.
Physical Practice: 34%
Teaching Practice: 45%
Theory: 21%
Location: Online



Module 1


In this module we explore the evolution of the brain, gaining a deep insight into the relationship between the primaeval brain and the thinking mind.  With this knowledge, you will discover how easy it is to create flexible powerful movement patterns without stress or pain.

  • The evolution of the brain.

  • The evolution of the body.

  • The interplay between our primaeval brain and the newer thinking brain.

  • How the mind and the body talk to each other.

  • Mental stress Vs Physical stress.

  • The Science of pain.

  • Why awareness is a skill that needs to be developed.

  • Stress relief.  Understand why most people only scratch the surface in reducing stress and how to completely turn that around.


Module 2


In this module, we explore the neurological process of adaptation in relation to movement.  This cutting-edge knowledge will give you a profound understanding of how to forge a body that is capable of effortlessly coordinating flexible well-balanced movement in any sport and throughout life.


  • Flexibility.  Discover why flexibility only comes when you have the neurological connection to use it.

  • Neurology of movement.

  • Movement maps and how to upgrade them.

  • Motor Engrams.

  • The neurology of adaption.

  • Muscles: Movers and Stabilizers.

  • Why stabilisation strength underpins pain-free flexible powerful movement.

  • Learn how to eliminate resistance and tension in the body.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the mind-body conversation.

  • How to enhance the conversation between the conscious mind and the primaeval mind-body.

  • The chemical properties of joint and spine fluid and how to ensure yoga enhances its regenerative and protective properties.

  • How to stimulate rapid change in the mind and body.


Module 3



In this module, we introduce you to the 3 step road map by which the mind and body develop new skills, such as how you learnt to walk, ride a bike,  play the piano or master yoga.  This section brings together sections 1 EVOLUTION and section 2 ADAPTATION OF MOVEMENT into a blueprint of how to rapidly train the body to do anything you want, without the body fighting back with pain or tension.


  • The road map for rapid training of the mind and body for action.

  • Step by step guide to flexibility and stress relief under one hat.

  • The Zone.

  • Getting in the ZONE in 3 quick easy steps.

  • The science of stilling the mind.

  • The science and power of play

  • The power of a routine.

  • The power of a mantra.

  • How to gain a laser-like focus alone with a sense of mental tranquillity.

  • How to turn off the thinking mind.

  • Meditation Sitting.


Module 4



This module is an insightful exploration of breath, looking at the function of breath for movement compared with breath for meditation.  With a more functional approach to breath, everyone discovers the all-mighty power of the exhales when in motion without bringing resistive tension to the body which in turn bring stress into the mind.


  • Breath of movement vs breath for meditation.

  • The destructive nature of incorrect breath.

  • The breath cycle.

  • The cutting-edge science behind optimum breath control.

  • The power and stillness of the exhale.

  • The science into why 80/20 breathing serves the thinking mind, not the body.


Module 5


In this module, we get into the anatomical elements of the body and the biomechanics of movement, injury prevention and rehabilitation.  This module is crucial in guaranteeing yoga does not unintentionally cause structural damage to the body, which often shows up after many years of yoga practice, such as the knee, shoulder and lower back pain. 


  • Musculoskeletal system

  • The Spine and the power of a neutral spine

  • Why situps damage the spine and what to do about it.

  • Biomechanics movement

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Sports and age-related conditions

  • The science of Fascia

  • How and why yoga can just as easily damage the body as heal it.

  • The science into why locking the Standing leg is neurologically passive

  • The damage caused by overstretching

  • The damage caused by compressive and shearing forces

  • Why professional athletes need a neurocentric approach to yoga.

  • Nutrition for performance


Module 6


This module is purely about doing, we dive deep into the fundamental essence of the yoga postures fusing together correct engagement of strength and breath, neurologically upgrading the mind-body movement operating system.  This is where you discover just how easy the second part of Awkward really is, perfect possed without pain or struggle, beautifully relaxed power.   This is when experienced students realise they have been treading water for years as they turn their yoga practice from a passive process to a neurological active wonder.  


  • What is yoga - its strengths and weaknesses

  • Why yoga-related injuries continue to rise at an alarming rate.

  • How to look at any yoga posture with a neurocentric mindset.

  • The physical and mental benefits of a neurcentric approach.

  • The basic biomechanical framework of the Biram 26 postures, plus Pigeon, Birddog, Wide Child’s pose and many others.

  • Opening out vs Getting into postures - mentally and physically

  • The importance the pre-opening the body

  • All you need to know about the Bikram 26 series

  • Anatomically correct alignment

  • Applying our biomechanical knowledge to any yoga posture

  • The power of a routine

  • How to eliminate Compressive and shearing forces in all the postures

  • The power of closing the eyes to muscle reduce tension

  • How to instantly enhance awareness

  • Why a little strength training can catapult yoga to infinity and beyond

  • How quickly enhance coordination and balance

  • Why where you look can very easy overstress the body in movement.

  • Strength Training 101 -  The Biomechanics of the top 12 strength training exercise that will skyrocket your yoga pratice. 


Module 8



In this module, you experience the art of teaching a full online yoga class.  We also explore the various teaching environments, the pros and cons of each, and identify where best to start teaching and how to turbo-charge your development as a teacher without waiting months to get off the starting blocks.


  • The teaching environment (Studio / Gym / Home / Online) the strength and weaknesses of each, and which one is best for you.

  • The art of persuasion - getting a studio/gym to take you on as a new teacher.

  • Experience teaching a live Sohot Online class.

  • The challenges of teaching in a hot studio.

  • How to rapidly deal with the classic issues beginners suffer from such as hypoventilation.

  • Danger signs to watch out for.


Module 7



In this exceptionally charged module, we train everyone to be a highly effective, sought after, yoga teacher - developing your voice, confidence, abilities to guide, support and motivate your students without spending a fortune on post teacher training courses. 


  • The framework of teaching - skill and mindset

  • The strength and weaknesses of a teachers dialogue.

  • Dialogue development.

  • Practice - practice - practice:  Learn to connect with your dialogue.

  • How to take a beginner through class, so that they can’t wait to come back to class.  

  • Maintaining energy and flow

  • The power of play

  • How to support a group while addressing someone’s individual needs.

  • How to use your voice to connect

  • How to develop your confidence

  • The strength and weakness of modifications and props

  • The art of guiding, supporting and motivating

  • Reading the mindset of a student  

  • Drawbacks of Hands-on-Corrections

  • The power of visualisation

  • How to develop your students physical and mental powers

  • How to ensure your students stay with you after their initial honeymoon phase

  • How to develop bespoke routines

  • How to work with your students 1on1

  • How to work with an elite athlete to increase performance

  • How to work with a pensioner looking to get up gracefully out of a chair or continue to maintain their garden without joint or back pain


Module 9



In the module is we explore the world of marketing, and how to get your business up and running without spending all your time on social media or throwing money away on facebook, instagram or google ads.   We also detail was is needed to setup online and/or a bricks and mortar business, without spending a fortune on so called experts who invarably don’t understand your business model.


  • The business of yoga in a post Covid world.

  • Why their is a relentless increasing demand for high calibre yoga teachers.

  • The power of a community and how to create one.

  • Your marketing message.

  • The humble flyer vs media advertising.

  • Lights Sound Camera Action - All you need to teach online without spending a fortune of technology.

  • The pro and cons of a bricks and mortar business.

  • How to layout a studio to build a community and drive your word of mouth marketing.

  • How to make a hot yoga studio profitable under a back drop of high energy cost and global warming.

• Bill and his wife Elaine, teach you all you need to know about building your teaching business. 
• You will learn the real reasons why studio/gym owners will pick one teacher over another, and how best to ensure you are always on top of their list.
• We will give you tips, tools and advice on how to set up your own physical studio, or online presence.
• Bill and his wife Elaine, will share their stories of running a busy group of central London yoga Studios, employing a monthly roster of over 50 yoga teachers.



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In just two generations our lives have been rapidly been transformed by technology and innovation, bringing about a more sedentary lifestyle, in our work environment and home life.  Movement is the elixir of life.   Unlike our grandparents, everybody now has to set aside time and energy for activities that enhance and maintain our physical and mental health and instil this mindset into our children.


The Bikram series of 26 postures has a proven track record helping millions of people attain astounding improvements in their health and vitality.  The demands for high calibre hot yoga teachers is unrelenting.  


However, we must never rest on our Laurels.   As yoga teachers, we cannot ignore some of the rapid advancements in the fields of longevity and sports recovery.   This yoga teacher training program is the next evolution of teacher training embracing a more forward-thinking approach.  We do not modify the classic 26 sequence of postures,  we simply empower teachers with a more enriched perspective and greater insights making yoga more accessible to a wider audience than ever before.  This teacher training program will ensure you never have any problems gaining employment as a yoga teacher, or even better, building your own online presence, and ensure students keep coming back to improve their life under your wing.






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