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Posture Clinic


Eliminate the Negative

Sometimes a very small change, in the right direction, ends up being the biggest change of your life.


Join me for a One-on-One Posture Clinic and get insightful solutions to any issue you have with your hot 26&2 yoga practice.


Let's Get This Party Started

If you're struggling with an injury or joint/back pain I will show you exactly where to target your effort to fix your issue and not make it worse.

Accentuate the Positive

I guarantee powerful results based on extensive experience helping hundreds of students, of all ages and abilities,  finally overcome stubborn hurdles they are desperately trying to conquer.

You've Got The Power

You will learn just how powerful your body can be to adapt to new challenges when you develop a better understanding of the questions you should be asking your body to solve.

Don't Mess with Mr In-Between

Even after many years of practice, students all too often unknowingly get trapped in a beginners mindset where they end up simply going through the motions.

I will widen your understanding of a posture beyond its basic framework, we all learn as a beginner.

Let Your Body Take Control

Yoga, like all forms of exercises, is about improving your body perception.  It's about your communication skills with your body.  This underpins my approach and why I am able to achieve astounding results with all my clients, no matter the physical or mental limitation they may have.

Senior Yoga Teacher and Fitness Trainer

Bill Thwaites