Being a yoga teacher is evolving.


Studio owners need teachers with the capacity to explore outside the box so that all students flourish, not just a handful.


"Saying to a student it’s all in the journey, or to trust the process, is an extremely lazy and unhelpful comment to say. 


As a yoga teacher, you have to be able to offer real solutions that quickly pinpoint the underlying issues a student is having.    You cannot do that if your approach to yoga is ridged, tied down to a fixed dialogue, where the only tools you have are the standard range of adjustments and modifications that only address the symptoms and never the cause.

Once you've genuinely transformed a student they keep coming back time and time again, and they love spreading the word" : Bill Thwaites

Yoga Teachers



If you wish to upgrade your Bikram style teaching skills to become a teacher, all studio owners wished they had on their schedule, come to our LIVE teachers' development forum on Sunday specifically for you.

We will discuss any questions raised.  The main discussion point will centre around how to better support struggling students.  One’s who don’t fit into the box.  Which, in truth, is most of us.

Please spread the word.  Forward this on to your fellow teachers, and let's all evolve together.

No need to book; just turn up.

If you wish to receive an email reminder before we go live, simply book a slot, and our system will do the reset.