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Senior coach Bill Thwaites

Fitness Training

Research has shown that most people, over the age of 45, who start an exercise program, end up with less mobility and more joint pain than ever before.

I can proudly boast that this is not the case with my clients.

No Time to Dilly Dally

Exercise is a neurological process.


Some of my clients suffer from major health issues and due to my understanding of the neurological processes involved in movement I get incredible results in a very short time.

Personalised Training

To ensure you don't do more harm than good, any good exercise program must centre around enhancing the nervous system’s ability to communicate with the body, particularly the inner core stability muscles that control posture, balance and agility.

With this approach I get amazing results, getting unfit bodies fit again.

Show Me the Way

My approach is based on science and many years of experience.

Some people need to focus more on balance while others need to build more strength, and for some all they need is a good hip-opening yoga routine combined with a short burst of cardio.

We are all uniquely different. 

Science-Based Approach

Correct Form & Technique


Restore your body's ability to be fluid, agile, powerful and nimble, without pain



Back Pain
Anthric Pain
Sports Injury
Tight Hamstrings

Poor posture




Walk away with a restored body.

Step by Step

Learn how to exercise with

Correct Technique 

that doesn't inadvertently make joint and mobility problems worse.

Restore peak physical and mental

performance without damaging your body.


Balance underpins the body's ability to move freely in daily life.  

Balance exercises are often the secret key to achieving a full range of pain-free fluid motion.


For a lot of people, mobility training is the best place to start. 

  • Increases range of movement

  • Reduces joint inflammation

  • Reduces pain

  • Strengthens the neurological control of the body.

  • Awakens the nervous system

Strength Training

Strength Training plus mobility is an explosive combination.

  • Boost metabolic rate

  • Increase Bone Density

  • Better Sleep

  • Increase Muscle Mass

  • Improved Mobility


Everybody should seriously get their heart rate up a least once a week.


However, your cardio routine must be short and to the point,  so that you don't inadvertently overstress the body.

FREE Discovery Session


In this free discovery session

Bill will assess your level of fitness and

then advise you where to target your efforts

to quickly fix your most immediate issues


move forward to achieve

your longer health and fitness goals.

You will walk away with a clear path forward.

You can then decide

if you want to move forward

under your own steam


book sessions with Bill to

drive this vision into reality.

Queen's Park North London Area




Bill can come to you, or you come to Bill in Queens Park, where Bill will provide all equipment necessary.



If preferable you can do the sessions Online if you live outside London or the UK



The price structure for these sessions is very simple - the more you commit to, the lower the price per session

Prices range from £50 to £75

Bill will expand on this during your FREE Discover Session


    One on One


Fitness | Mobility

Senior coach Bill Thwaites

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