Bikram Yoga


Improve your Technique

Part Two

Theses Workshops has helped over 1,000 students

Let’s Keep Moving

In Bill's 

FREE Bikram Yoga Unshackled Workshop Part One, you learnt the basic framework of a functional approach to Bikram yoga and how the body likes to breathe when in motion.


You learnt how and why so many people end up doing untold damage to their body, resulting in joint and back pain.


Now you have to put theory into practice.


Here you will discover exactly how it feels when your body is focusing on opening out to a posture as opposed to simply getting into it.

In this final part of Bill's

Bikram Yoga Unshackled Workshop (Part Two)

you start the process of reprograming your body to intuitively open out to all the postures and for your breath to be in harmony with your body's needs, not your minds.

The next time you practice Bikram Yoga you will instantly feel the benefits. 

This package contains

over 70 minutes of Bill's expertise putting theory into practice.


You get 7 individual workshops examining

Half Moon, Cobra, Awkward, Eagle, Standing Head to Knee, Standing Separate leg Stretching and Standing Separate leg Head to Knee.

These are not passive workshops, you'll need to be on your mat with your kit on.

You will walk away having embodied the techniques required to rapidly eliminate joint and back pain, enhance your mobility, balance, strength and agility.

Learning the shape of the yoga postures is easy


Learning how to correctly target your effort is a completely different story


A teacher at my local studio is amazed how after 10 years of practice my body has suddenly gained more strength and mobility!


Wow, incredible, my arthritis no longer holds me back. For the first time in 6 years, I don't feel pain!


Thank you so much for putting your knowledge and experience out there! You have literally changed my life.


Bill is the antidote to the standard push push push mindset, he taught me the power of establishing a conversation with my body. In effect, Bill gives you tools to reinvent your yoga to be far more powerful, open and expressive, without PAIN!


Bill's teaching is inspired.   Bill is a gifted teacher who has influenced my being, my body and the way I approach my practice and my teaching in profound ways.


As a Bikram 26&2 yoga teacher myself, Bill's approach has helped me get far better results from my students particularly the older student with age-related problems.   Thank you so much.