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Sohot Method 26&2 Yoga Class


Tuesday & Thursday

Start Time: 

6 pm London BST

1 pm  EST

10 am PST

Sohot Method 26 & 2

Yoga Classes


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Remove the Irrelevant

Opening OUT is a wholly different headspace to Stretching IN.

If you’re looking to restore your body’s capacity for pain-free fluid movement in everyday life your reptilian brain must have the right road map.


When you open out the body, the reptilian brain develops superior neuromuscular firing patterns that target balance and stability.

By opening out the body you also restore the fabric of the joints and spine.


The Sohot Method is an approach that makes the 26&2 sequence an explosive routine capable of restoring any stiff or injured body back to its former glory.

It requires a totally different headspace to strength and breath. 

Senior teacher Bill Thwaites will rapidly upgrade how you communicate with your inner strength.  Physically it's very hard.  Mentally it's a walk in the park

Bill's online classes are not LiveStream, they are Interactive.

Show Me the Way

You will be guided through the Bikram 26 & 2 yoga sequences using a functional approach that targets your inner stabilisation strength to open out the body.

Eliminate the Negatives

You will learn just how powerful yoga can be when you eliminate all forms of compressive loading.


Note: due to the overwhelming evidence that sit-ups damage the spine we have removed them from the sequence.

Hot Pot

Some of our students are yoga teachers themselves who use these classes as learning tools to help support their professional development.

Nitty Gritty

All you need is a computer,  laptop or a large tablet with camera and a mic.

Are these standard Bikram yoga dialogue classes ?

Do I need a mirror to see myself ?

I don't know the Bikram yoga postures, are these classes suitable for me ?

Is it safe to practice without the heat ?